Ammonia Testkit TETRA

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Ammonia Testkit TETRA

Ammonia (NH 3/4 + ) is excreted by fish directly into the water, and is also released from the breakdown of solid waste and uneaten food. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish, but is usually removed from the water by the bacteria which live inside the filter.

However, in new tanks, or if the filter bacteria are damaged, the ammonia level may become toxic. The only way to determine the ammonia level is by testing it with a TetraTest Ammonia kit. Regular testing, especially in new aquariums, will prevent damage caused by ammonia poisoning.

  • Highly accurate liquid test
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent long-term stability


The TetraTest Ammonia kit is a liquid kit, which works by changing the colour of a water sample in relation to the ammonia concentration. You simply need to compare the colour of the sample to the easy-to-read colour chart in order to determine the ammonia level. We recommend testing for ammonia every 2-3 days in a new aquarium, and once a week in an established aquarium. Always read the instructions carefully before use. If ammonia levels are high then you should seek advice as to the underlying cause.

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