Industrial Box Furnace STD-2160-17

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Industrial Box Furnace STD-2160-17

 1700℃Industrial Box Furnace

  Product description

  STD series products mainly aim at application and development of the material pilot scale test and small production,high quality chamber material and stable temperature control system,can ensure the reliable quality of sintering material.Products adopt new type ceramic fiber material as the chamber material,use high quality high temperature alloy resistance wire as heating element,temperature controller adopts large touch screen microcomputer PID control module,can reach accurate temperature control and constant temperature requirements.

  Product features

  1.Chamber material adopts vacuum forming ceramic fiber with new style assembly structure without collapse in high temperature and save energy more than 50%.

  2.Heating element adopts high quality MOSi2 rod,which can bear heavy load,stable and long service life

  3.High heating speed,and it takes 15-30 minutes from room temperature to 1000℃

  4.High precision of temperature control with the temperature compensation and correction function at precision±1℃

  5.Imported temperature control instrument with programmable function can set heating curve and programme 2 groups 16 segments.

  6.Integrative structure can reduce the using space with excellent appearance design.

  7.Electronic parts and components adopt DELIXI brand,with earth leakage function,safe and reliable

  8.It will send out sound and light alarm and stop heating when the temperature exceeds the desired temperature.

  9.Optional large screen paperless recorder,complete the real time record of the heating curve.It can analysis and print experimental data with memory card.

  10.Optional installation of air inlet,can inlet the purging and protection of inert gas,such as air.Optional installation of exhaust chimney is connecting with stainless steel bellows to make the high temperature volatile hazardous gases flow to the specified place.

  11.For the large volume furnace,the convenience of materials in and out is the key.We can design for opening the door on both ends of the furnace with the door translation or furnace door upper shift.We also can design multistage heating style to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature.If the sintering process is different,we can design according to users’requirements and meet customers’all reasonable requirements.