Sewa Lampu Infrared kesehatan

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Sewa Lampu Infrared kesehatan

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NESCO Infrared Medical Lamp
Provide relief for Muscular Ache and Pain

Infrared Heat Energy Penetrating Into the Muscles Tissues and Joints.
Increasing Blood Circulation
Speeding Oxygen Flow
Promoting Cellular Functioning

100% UV Safe
300 Watt Radiant Warmth
15-Minute Personal Timer
35 Titlting Lamp Angle for Precise Treatment
40 x 30 cm Treatment Zone
30 cm Treatment Distance
Hands-Off Glass Indicator
Medical CE Approved

Description :

Effectively provides relief to muscular aches and pain.
It uses infrared heat which penetrates into tissues, muscles and bones and speeds up blood circulation to help body detoxify and increases blood vessel resilience to ease muscle soreness and relieve back pain.

Infrared lamp: 300 Watt radiant warmth.
UV proof.
With countdown timer and auto off function.
Adjustable lamp angle for comfort use.
With Hands Off glass warning indicator.
With built in cool down ventilator.
Recommended treatment body areas: shoulder, lower back, arm, leg.
Recommended treatment distance: 30cm.
Power: AC plug.