Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace STG-100-14

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Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace STG-100-14

1400C Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace

 Product description
1400C STG series products mainly provide the heat treatment of samples under vacuum or protective atmosphere. They use high quality chamber material and stable temperature control system and this can ensure the reliability of experimental data. New type ceramic fiber material as the chamber material and high quality SiC rod as heating element.Both ends of the tube have stainless steel flange sealing for working under vacuum atmosphere . There are air inlet and outlet on the flange and it can inlet protective gas.The stainless steel flange with fast open design and it is convenient for material in and out .Temperature controller adopts large touch screen microcomputer PID control module and can reach accurate temperature control and constant temperature requirements.
Product features
1.Chamber material adopts high purity alumina ceramic fiber,which is new type assembled structure and it is sturdy and durable and will keep no transformation with high temperature 
2.Heating element adopts SiC rod and it can bear heavy load. Also it is stable and long service life
3.High purity alundum tube with stainless steel flange sealing on both ends. It is simple and reasonable design, easy disassembly, conveniently for sintering samples. in and out .
4. Fast heating speed and it takes 15-30 minutes from room temperature to 1000℃
5. Imported temperature control instrument with high precision of temperature control .It has the temperature compensation and correction function with precision ±1℃
6.Temperature control instrument has programmable function,which can set heating curve and programme 2 groups 8 segments or 1 group 30 segments.
7.Integrative structure with excellent appearance design .
8. Electronic parts and components adopt DELIXI brand with earth leakage function. It is safe and reliable.
9. With alerting signal for the over-temperature during the working process and it can complete protective action automatically.
10.When programs are set and press the starting button, the following steps will proceed automatically.
11.Optional large screen paperless recorder is available, It can complete the real time record of the heating curve and analysis and print experimental data with memory card.
12. Optional gas mass flow meter can be chosen and inlet gas with digital accuracy control.