Vertical Tube Furnace STGL-40-12

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Vertical Tube Furnace STGL-40-12


I Sintering Performances:

1.Tube Sizemm: Φ40mm×1000mm  Φ60mm×1000mm  Φ80mm×1000mm  


2. Heating Area Size: 440mm

3.Constant Zone Size: 300mm

4. Rated Max. Temperature: 1200℃

5.Long-term Working Temperature:1100℃

6.Temperature Stability:±1℃

7.Heating Speed: 1-20℃/min

8.Chamber Material: Imported High Purity Alumina Ceramic Fiber

9.Thermal Insulation Material: Polycrystalline Mullite Ceramic Fiber Material

10.Tube Material: Quartz tube

II Heating Control Performances:


2.Heating Power:4KW

3.Heating Element:High temperature alloy resistance wire

4.Control Mode: It adopts imported intelligent microcomputer temperature control instrument with PID parameter self-tuning function and manual-automatic switch with non- interference function ,over-temperature alarm function and can programme 2 groups 16 segments.Also it has automatic heating, automatic insulation and automatic stop functions which can meet the requirements of temperature control and constant temperature.

III Other Performances:

1.Furnace Structure:Integrative structure, double shell, air circulation heat insulation

2.Temperature measurement:S platinum rhodium thermocouple

3.The chamber adopts high quality alumina ceramic fiber and the resistance wires are arranged on the two sides of the chamber with good temperature uniformity and it is sturdy and durable.

4.With alerting signal for the over-temperature during the working process and it can complete protective action automatically.

5.When programs are set and press the starting-button , the following steps will proceed automatically.

6.The shell adopts high quality Shanghai Baogang cold-roll steel sheets with derusting surface and electrostatic spraying.

7.Sealing property: Both ends with stainless steel metal flange sealing and matched with high temperature PTFE gasket making sintering under the vacuum and vacuum at degree -0.1Mpa.Both sides of flange have gas inlet and outlet port with pressure gauge is installed on the metal flange . Stainless steel precision needle valve can adjust flow rate and can inlet protective gas.

IVSpare Parts:

1.High temperature gloves:1 pair  2. Furnace hook:1 piece 3.casing cap:2 piece

4.vacuum pump:1 set   5.Stainless steel vacuum flange:1 set  6.Spare SiC rod:2 piece

7.English Operation manual:1 copy   8.Warranty card:1 piece 9. Certificate of qualification: 1 piece