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Rp 4.500.000
Rp 350.000Rp 350.000

CMT Test Liquid Kruuse

Test liquid for the detection of mastitis in milk.

Vol : 1 Liter

Ex.Kruuse Germany

Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.000.000Rp 1.000.000

Comparator Copper LOVIBOND

146230 Checkit Colour Disc Copper Free 0 - 1,0 Mg/L

Rp 2.800.000
Rp 2.600.000Rp 2.600.000

DO Meter AMT07

DO O2 Temp
Range 0~20.00mg/L 0~200% 0~90.0C
Accuracy ±0.2 + 1digit ±2% FS ±0.2+1 digit
Resolution 0.01 0.1 0.1
ATC 0~50C
MSC 0~50 ppt
MAC 0-20000 ft
Calibration 100% in air
Power DC1.5V x 4 battery size:AAA/UM-4
Dimensions Meter: 195 x 40 x 36 mm, Kits: 230 x 205 x 50 mm
Weight Meter: 135g(with battery), Kits: 780g
Rp 45.000.000
Rp 40.000.000Rp 40.000.000

Gas Detector SA-M230

Untuk mengukur :
CH4,Co2 dan H2S
Barang harus Indent 1-3 bulan
untuk spesifikasi silahkan kontak CS

Rp 960.000
Rp 750.000Rp 750.000

Grain Moisture TK100S

Tampilan: 4 digital LCD
rentang pengukuran: 5-35%
Suhu: 0-60
Kelembaban: 5% -90%
Resolusi: 0.1
Akurasi: 0,5% n
Operasi: Perlawanan Metode Listrik, otomatis Kompensasi temperatur
Power supply: 4x baterai 1.5 ukuran AAA (UM-4)
Dimensi : 75 cm panjang 15 cm lebar

Rp 1.750.000
Rp 1.500.000Rp 1.500.000

Lactodensimeter Gerber 6610

for milk acc. to Gerber, small model, negative
scale 1.020 – 1.035: 0.0005 g/ml, T = 20 °C, with thermometer
body, 0 – 40 °C, approx. 210 x 17 m

Rp 750.000
Rp 500.000Rp 500.000

Refracto Alkohol 0-80%

1.portable reflectometer
3.working with alcohol in wines
4.refractometer alcohol
This model is developed for working with alcohol in wines, it can measure the concentration in wines.
Measuring Range: 0-80%W/W
Minimum Division: 1%W/W

Rp 650.000
Rp 600.000Rp 600.000


■Drop shock proof meter
■ Null (zero center) meter ±5 / ±25 in DCV
■ High resistance up to 200MΩ with low voltage
■ Protective body cover
■ Capacitance, dB, Li measurement
Bandwidth : 30〜100kHz (AC10V)

hFE probe : HFE-6T
Clip adapter : CL-14, CL-15a, CL-DG3a, TL-9IC
High voltage probe : HV-10T

Rp 470.000
Rp 350.000Rp 350.000

Soil PH 4 in 1


    4-in-1 Soil Tester for plants and lawns
    Measures sunlight (9 levels), soil moisture (5 levels), soil pH (12 levels) and temperature (°C & °F)
    200mm long probe
    Auto power off
    Survey light intensity of current environment
    Fast and precised measurements
    High accuracy
    Backlight feature
    Great tool to help fix your lawn when grass does not want to grow in certain areas of your yard


    Test Range:
        Sunlight (9 levels): LOW-, LOW, LOW+, NOR-, NOR, NOR+, HGH-, HGH, HGH+
        Moisture (5 levels): DRY+, DRY, NOR, WET, WET+
        PH value (12 levels): 3.5~9.0pH
        Temperature: -9~50°C (16~122°F)
        Temperature: 1°C/1°F
        pH: 0.5pH
    Low battery indicator

Set Includes

    1 x 4-in-1 Soil Survey Instrument
    1 x 9V Battery (FREE)
    Instruction Manual
    Standard factory packaging box

Rp 300.000
Rp 250.000Rp 250.000

CMT  Tray Kruuse

digunakan untuk tempat pengetesan susu pada CMT

Rp 1.300.000
Rp 1.000.000Rp 1.000.000

Comparator Bromide LOVIBOND

146280 Checkit Colour Disc Bromine 0 - 5 Mg/L

Rp 4.000.000
Rp 3.750.000Rp 3.750.000

DO Meter DO-5510

Model : DO-5510
* -P circuit, LCD with display unit.
* Dissolved oxygen range : 0 to 20 mg/L.
* Max., Min., Memory recall button.
* DO, Oxygen in air, Temp., ATC, Auto Cal., % salt.
* Diaphragms & electrolyte included.
* Probe head with diaphragm set and electrolyte are included.
* Size : 180 x 72 x 32 mm. RS-232.

Rp 250.000
Rp 150.000Rp 150.000

Hygrometer IN dan OUT

Device color: White
Temperature range: Indoor & Outdoor -50 ~ +70C (-58 ~ +158°F)
Humidity range: 10% ~ 99% RH
Power supply:1.5V*1 (AAA size)(Not included)
Device dimension: 10.5*9.8*2.3cm
Device weight: 162g
Package size: 18*13*4cm
Package weight: 182g

Rp 750.000
Rp 500.000Rp 500.000

Refracto Alkohol 0-60%

Rentang pengukuran: 0-60%,
Min.Div: 0,1%, 2%
Akurasi: 0,1%, 2%
Berat: 150g
Warna: Sliver + Hitam
Ukuran : 20.5x3x4cm
ATC (sistem kompensasi suhu otomatis): 10 ° -30 °

• terbuat Aluminium yang kuat dan ringan
• Pertama-kelas kualitas dan akurasi tinggi
• Desain cantik dan mudah untuk menangani dan mengkalibrasi
• Dapat mendefinisi  jumlah larutan alkohol.

Rp 870.000
Rp 650.000Rp 650.000

Refracto Madu 58-90%


– Durable and built to last long
– Uses ambient light only which means battery or power source is not required.
– Heavy-duty and lightweight with its aluminum construction.
– Equipped with scale measurement which provides direct reading,Easy to focus and calibrate.
– Accurate testing results guaranteed
– Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber
– Extremely easy-to-use and calibrate


– Measuring Range:58-90%Brix  38-43 Be° (Baume)  12-27% Water
– Minimum Division: 0.5% Brix  0.5 Be° (Baume)  1% Water
– Accuracy: ±0.5% Brix ±0.5 Be° (Baume)  ±1% Water
– Reference Temperature: 20°C
– ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation) Compensation Range: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)
– Manual calibration with mini-screw driver provided
– Weight: 165g

Package Included:

– Portable Refractometer
– Mini Screw Driver
– Suction tube
– Soft protective carrying case
– English User Manual

Rp 17.500.000
Rp 15.000.000Rp 15.000.000

Rotator Select Bio Product

Speed range 18 rpm at 120V/60 Hz
Brand : Select Bio Product (SBP); USA
Speed range 18 rpm at 120V/60 Hz Indent
20 rpm at 230V/50 Hz
Motion Rotating
Ambient operating range +4º to 65ºC
Dimensions, W x D x H 23.9 x 12.7 x 15.3 cm
9.4 x 5 x 6 in.
Weight 2.0 kg/5.5 lb
Electrical 120V or 230V, 50/50 Hz
Include :
SBS550-2 Tube Tumbler Rotating Mixer, with 36 x 1.5/2.0 ml rotisserie assembly, 230V. EU power cord
SBS550-15 Rotisserie assembly for 10 x 15 ml (16 mmdia) tubes and 16 x 5/7 ml (12-13mm dia) tubes

Rp 2.650.000
Rp 2.500.000Rp 2.500.000


Rp 1.750.000
Rp 1.400.000Rp 1.400.000

Soil pH Takemura DM-5

DM-5 Soil PH and Moisture Meter, with leather Case

Range: pH 3.5 - 8

Moisture: 0-100%

Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.250.000Rp 1.250.000

CMT Test Kit Kruuse

An accurate and inexpensive method of determining the cell count in milk.  

Consist of:
CMT Tray/paddle
CMT LIQUID Can, Kap 1 ltr
CMT Pump
Instruction Book
Ex Jurgen Kruuse Germany

Rp 1.300.000
Rp 1.000.000Rp 1.000.000

Comparator Fluoride LOVIBOND

146390 Checkit Colour Disc Fluoride 0 - 2 Mg/L

Rp 2.500.000
Rp 2.350.000Rp 2.350.000

DO Meter PDO-519

Model : PDO-519
* Range : 0 to 20.0 mg/L x 0.1 mg/L.
* Temperature : 0 to 50 oC, oC/oF.
* Automatic temperature compensation.
* Probe with the meter, all in one.
* Polarographic type oxygen electrode,
* Data hold, Record ( max., min. ).
* IP-67 Water resistance, heavy duty.
* External calibration buttons.
* DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4, AAA ) x 4.

Rp 10.000.000
Rp 8.700.000Rp 8.700.000

Fruit Hardnes Tester KM-1

Brand : Takemura
Range : 0-1kg

Rp 230.000
Rp 140.000Rp 140.000

Hygrometer IN

 •Temperature Range: -50~ +70 °C (-58~ +158°F)
 •Humidity range: 10%-99% RH
 •Resolution: temperature: 0.1°C(0.1°F), , humidity 1% RH
 •Accuracy: temperature: +-1 °C (1.8°F), humidity: +-5% RH(40%-80%)
 •Power supply: 1.5V (AAA size) x 1
 •Weight: Approx. 125g
 •Dimension: 100 x 108 x 20mm
 •Storage condition: -20°C~60°C, 20~80%RH

Rp 2.950.000
Rp 2.600.000Rp 2.600.000

Lux Meter SANWA LX2

Type : LX2
Merk : SANWA

Easy to use lux meter

Features :

> Small stick shape sensor probe(sensor diameter φ9mm)
> 3999 count with analog bar graph
> Silicon photodiode
> Measuring range 0.1lx~399.9klx
> Data hold
> Auto power save(30min.)
> Cord length 900nm

Specifications :

> optical Sensor : si photodiode with approximited relative luminios effeciecy (9mm)
> Display : Numeric : 3999 full scale , Bargrah:42-segment
> Sampling rate :
Approx. 2 times/sec for numeral display
Approx.20 times/sec. for bar graph

Rp 1.450.000
Rp 1.200.000Rp 1.200.000

Pork Detection Kit 10Test

Rp 1.350.000
Rp 1.100.000Rp 1.100.000

Soil pH Takemura DM-15

DM-15 Soil pH and Moisture Meter

Range: pH 3.5-8

Moisture : 0-100 %

Rp 18.500.000
Rp 16.000.000Rp 16.000.000

Viscometer NDJ-8S

Functions and Features:
1) NDJ-8S rotary digital viscometer uses 16 unit microprocessor core to control electric circuit, gearless running, RTD temperature probe real-time monitor and measure the viscosity temperature.
2) Can directly display viscosity, rotate speed, centigrade meter torque, rotor number and fathomable max viscosity at current condition.
3) NDJ Series Viscosity Meter are used in checking the viscous resistance and dynamical viscosity of liquid. It is widely used in measuring the viscosity of various liquid such as grease, painting, foodstuff, dope, paper making, cosmetics, chemical industry, capsule stickiness agent and medicines.


1. Measurement Range: 1~2000000mPa.s
2. Rotating speed: 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 30, 60 r/min
3. Rotor quantity: Four types of 1, 2, 3, 4 rotor (0 rotor is optional)
4. Measurement accuracy: ±5%
5. Power supply: 220V 50Hz; 110V 60Hz

Rp 350.000
Rp 250.000Rp 250.000

Ammonia Testkit TETRA

Ammonia (NH 3/4 + ) is excreted by fish directly into the water, and is also released from the breakdown of solid waste and uneaten food. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish, but is usually removed from the water by the bacteria which live inside the filter.

However, in new tanks, or if the filter bacteria are damaged, the ammonia level may become toxic. The only way to determine the ammonia level is by testing it with a TetraTest Ammonia kit. Regular testing, especially in new aquariums, will prevent damage caused by ammonia poisoning.

  • Highly accurate liquid test
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent long-term stability


The TetraTest Ammonia kit is a liquid kit, which works by changing the colour of a water sample in relation to the ammonia concentration. You simply need to compare the colour of the sample to the easy-to-read colour chart in order to determine the ammonia level. We recommend testing for ammonia every 2-3 days in a new aquarium, and once a week in an established aquarium. Always read the instructions carefully before use. If ammonia levels are high then you should seek advice as to the underlying cause.

25 Tests

Rp 700.000
Rp 600.000Rp 600.000

California Mastitis Test Kruuse

Kit Uji Mastitis pada susu sapi
Ex Jurgen Kruuse Germany
CMT Tray  
CMT Test LIQUID 1 liter  
Place some milk from each quarter into each section
When testing liquid is added, the reaction can quickly be evaluated.
With marks which indicate 2ml and 3ml.

Rp 2.900.000
Rp 2.650.000Rp 2.650.000

DO Meter PDO-520

separate probe
Model : PDO-520
* Range : 0 to 20.0 mg/L x 0.1 mg/L.
* Temperature : 0 to 50 oC, oC/oF.
* Automatic temperature compensation.
* Separate DO probe easy for remoting
* Polarographic type oxygen electrode,
* Data hold, Record ( max., min. ).
* External calibration buttons.
* DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4, AAA ) x 4.

Rp 10.000.000
Rp 9.000.000Rp 9.000.000

Fruit Hardnes Tester KM-5

Brand : Takemura
Range : 0-5kg

Rp 340.000
Rp 250.000Rp 250.000

Infrared Thermometer


    suhu -50-330 derajat celcius/ -58-626 derajat farenhait dengan ada tombol switch untuk  berganti C/F
    Akurasi 1,5 derajat celcius
    Resolusi 0,1 derajat celcius
    Jarak spot ratio 12:1
    Emmisivity 0,95 rixed
    Auto power off
    Laser On/off
    Backlight on/off
    menggunakan  1,5 AAA battery x 2