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Rp 130.000.000
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BUCHI ROTARY EVAPORATOR R 300 (Capacity 50 ml - 5000 ml)
Rotary Evaporator for efficient and gentle distilation of solvent. Can be use up to 5,000 ml evaporating
flasks. 7 different glass assemblies enable a wide range of applications, solvents, and sample properties.
Ergonomic handle, easy to use Combi-Clip patended and intuitive user interaction
The patented Combi-Clip with snap lock mechanism allows connection of the evaporating flask with
one hand. The heating bath temperature, rotation speed and lift position are shown on the integrated
heating bath display. Intuitively positioned control knobs allow immediate and convenient adjustment
of heating temperature and rotation speed. Conveniently change the position of the lift with
the electric lift .
Available drying mode if connect with optional Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro.
With optional Interface I-300 Pro and AutoDest sensor automatically adjusts the vacuum
to enable unattended automatic distillation.
With the foam sensor allow foaming samples will be distilled automatically.
The Rotavapor R-300 App for iOS, Android, and Windows offers push notifications and live
view of all process parameters. The most convenient plug & play concept does not require any further
installation. Complete with 1 litre evaporating flask, flask joint NS 24/40 and 1 litre receiving flask,
evaporation flask feed via stop-cock. including Heating Bath B-305 and Glass Condenser type
Technical Data : Rotavapor R-300 Heating Bath B-305
Dimension (WxHxD) : 400 x 615 x 320 mm : 307 x 202 x 275 mm
Weight : 13.5 kg : 4.2 kg
Connection Voltage : 100 - 240 V : 220 - 240 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz : 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption  : 100 W : 1500 W
Protection Class : IP21 : IP21
Immersion angle adjustable : 40
Stroke distance : 220 mm
End stop position adj. range : 170 mm
Rotation Speed : 10 - 280 rpm
Maximum flask load : 3 kg

Rp 150.000.000
Rp 128.750.000Rp 128.750.000

Furnace Carbolite CWF

Standard features
1100°C, 1200°C or 1300°C maximum operating temperature
5, 13, 23, 36 or 65 litre chamber volumes
Carbolite Gero 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer
Soft closing door on 5, 13, 21 & 23 litre models
Parallel action door keeps heated surface away from the user
Delayed start / process timer function as standard
Hard wearing alumina element carrier, furnace entrance and hearth
Energy efficient low thermal mass insulation
Free radiating wire wound elements for optimum uniformity
Easy access to elements & controls simplifies maintenance & servicing
CWF-B: Enhanced airflow from tall chimney & door vents for full
CWF-BAL: With integrated balance that runs independently of the furnace
control system
CWF-BAL: Software supplied with the balance may be used to monitor the
balance reading via a computer
CWF-BAL: Maximum capacity of balance is 3 kg with a resolution of 0.01 g
(other capacities available)
Options (specify these at time of order)
Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents &
for unattended operation)
A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers
and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or
Ethernet communications
A range of Inconel retorts to work with modified atmospheres up to 1100°C
AMS2750E Nadcap compatible models are available for aerospace
applications CWF-BAL: 8 kg balance with a resolution of 0.1 g

Rp 230.000.000
Rp 20.000.000Rp 20.000.000

Incubator Shaker KS4000i

New innovative incubator shaker design allowing unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment.

  • Large LED display for speed and time settings
  • Controls with antimicrobial coating for reduction of bacteria
  • Integrated PID temperature control (use of two PT 1000 temperature sensors)
  • Junction box in the workspace for connection of an additional temperature sensor e.g. PT 1000.60 (included with delivery)
  • Electronic temperature and speed control
  • Electronic timer switch: 0 – 999 h (set by the minute or by the hour)
  • Unit stops automatically when hood is lifted
  • Collecting tray with drain hose on rear of unit
  • Simple operation
  • All functions can be controlled and documented using the labworldsoft® software
  • Attachments not included – please order accessories as required
Movement Type: Orbital
Orbit: 20 mm
Max. Shaking Weight: 20 kg
Motor Rating Input: 82 W
Motor Rating Output: 24 W
Max. ON Time: 100 %
Min. Speed: 10 rpm
Speed Range: 10 - 500 rpm
Speed Display: LED
Timer: Yes
Timer Display: 7 segment LED
Time Setting Range: 1 - 59940 min
Operating Mode: Timer / Continuous
Touch Function: No
Shaking Table Lock: No
Microplate Compatible: No
Heating Temp. Range: Room Temp. +5° - 80 °C
Heat Output: 1000 W
Temp. Display: Yes
Temp. Stability: 0.1 ±K
Total Volume: 90 L
Height with Open Hood: 875 mm
Dimensions: 22.8 x  29.5 x 20.7 in.
(w x d x h) 580 x 750 x 525 mm
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Permissible Ambient Temp.: 15 - 32 °C
Permissible Rel. Humidity: 80 %
Protection Class (DIN EN 60529): IP 30
RS 232 Interface: Yes
Voltage: 230 / 115 / 100 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Input: 1120 W
Rp 32.000.000
Rp 27.000.000Rp 27.000.000

Oven Memmert UN55

Universal oven with natural air circulation for the daily heating requirements

The new 2012 model from Memmert is with the new unique TFT colour display with touch-sensitive buttons.

  • Temperature from 5°C above ambient up to 300°C
  • Internal chamber in stainless steel
  • Fully insulated stainless steel door
  • Adjustment of pre-heated fresh air admixture by air flap control in 10% steps
  • Multifunctional digital PID microprocessor controller
  • Parameters adjustable on ControlCOCKPIT: Temperature, air flap position and programme time
  • Resolution of display for setpoint values: 0.1°C up to 99.9°C, 0.5°C from 100°C
  • Resolution of the actual value: 0.1°C
  • Adjustable digital timer: from 1 min. to 99 days, 23 hours
  • SetpointWAIT function - time starts when the desired temperature is reached
  • Internal data logger with capacity for at least 10 years.
  • Ethernet interface for sending of the protocol log, to for example. PC software AtmoCONTROL
  • Adjustable over-temperature protection, protection class 1 according to DIN 12 880

Can with the PC software AtmoCONTROL (90 day demo is incl. in the delivery) output and organize logged values​​.

The software has visual alarm for overtemperature and automatically alarm to one or more email addresses.

Rp 26.000.000
Rp 21.000.000Rp 21.000.000

Waterbath WNB7 Memmert

Dimensions W x H x D in mm     w(A) x h(C) x d(B): 240 x 140 x 210 mm
Interior     easy-to-clean interior, made of stainless steel, reinforced by deep drawn ribbing, material no. 1.4301 (ASTM 304), laser-welded
Volume     7 l
Liquid level min.     (H) 97 mm
Liquid level max.     (I) 120 mm